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Rory Grennan is Manuscript and Instruction Archivist at Florida State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives.

Captivating Library Wit

Random thoughts and lessons while shifting biographies around: Shouldn’t Harpo be shelved before Karl? If it’s Warhol’s autobiography, why is some other guy listed as author? And why is the phrase “Sex Life” in the title, WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF … Continue reading

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Babies and bathwater

The New York Times reported Friday about a controversial new trend in hospital hiring.  Taking smoking bans to their “logical” conclusion, a fair number are refusing to hire smokers, in one case going so far as to fire a new … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Teamwork

We’ve been discussing teamwork a lot in one of my classes lately.  In discussing different behaviors and strategies for teams, good and bad, I was able to see myself in a lot of the examples.  Or rather, different versions of … Continue reading

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La voie, la vie, la verite

The pretentious-and-educated-sounding title of today’s post is lifted from the end of Book 3, Chapter IV of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s graphic novel “V For Vendetta”. I am currently rereading this gem, now that I finally own a copy, courtesy the … Continue reading

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