Thoughts on Teamwork

We’ve been discussing teamwork a lot in one of my classes lately.  In discussing different behaviors and strategies for teams, good and bad, I was able to see myself in a lot of the examples.  Or rather, different versions of myself.

My academic career since high school has been a bit, how shall we say, meandering, meaning that I’ve had the opportunity to pass through a lot of developmental phases over the course of my college career.  We all change over time; none of you are the student or coworker you were fifteen years ago either.  It was kind of amusing, though, to see myself in a bunch of conflicting attitudes.

When talking about people who dominate and exclude during discussions , I thought, “Yep, Impatient Know-It-All High School Rory right there.”  Digressing from topics and reluctance to participate reminded me of Too-Cool-For-School-Early-Twenties Rory.  Unity of purpose and proper division of labor made me think of On-His-Third-Rock-Band Rory.  Enthusiasm, staying on track, conflict management?  That’s Basketball Coach Rory all the way.

Which brings us to the present, or maybe more accurately, Future Rory.  What kind of teammate will he be?  A nice blend of the discipline of Finished-My-Undergrad-Online Rory and the personal skills of Restaurant Assistant Manager Rory, I think, with some of the good stuff from above thrown in for good measure.  Hopefully you’ll all let me know how I’m doing…


About Rory Grennan

Rory Grennan is Manuscript and Instruction Archivist at Florida State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives.
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